MMS 2008 v číslech

Jen pro zajímavost několik čísel z letošního Microsoft Management Summitu.

MMS 2008 Fun Facts
Learn a little more about MMS behind the scenes!

Registration by the numbers

  • 22,500: The number of miles roundtrip 6 attendees flew to be at MMS 2008
  • 1,309: The number of attendees who have previously attended an MMS
  • 1,100: The number of attendees checked in within the first hour of registration opening
  • 61: The number of countries represented
  • 50: The number of US states represented
  • 6: The number of US states with representation in the triple digits – CA, CO, IL, MA, TX, WA
  • Top countries other than the US with the highest representation:  Denmark, Canada, Sweden

    Session Content

  • 126 breakouts, 11 BOF sessions, 71 ILL lab sessions and 56 different self-paced lab topics
  • The total disk space of all the hands-on labs disk images was 532Gb
  • A total of 55,481 session bookings were received on CommNet
  • The Cross-platform keynote demo included 110Gb of VHD files: 1 physical Solaris box and 7 virtual machines
  • The Cross-platform keynote demo was repeated the same day at an Interop keynote, and the following day in Seattle
    Fun Expo Facts
  • 1,000 flying pigs were shipped to the event
  • Over 2,500 System Center luggage tags, boogie bots, laptop sleeves, mints, and yo-yo octopi were given out during expo hours
  • 71 companies participated in the expo hall as either an exhibitor or a sponsor-exhibitor

    Attendee Video

  • Watch the MMS 2008 Attendee Video
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